About us


Youth Interventions Foundation (Stichting Jeugdinterventions- SJI) finds it important to prevent problem behaviour among adolescents and want to help those who exhibit problem behaviour to start participating in society again, function better at home, school, work and in their spare time.

It is our mission to get these adolescents to receive effective help and support, so they can change their behaviour and regain control over their own future.

Good support is therefore important and this is where we see our role. We support and advise professionals who work with young people with problem behaviour and this is through developing and providing training and education for the following:

  • Youth care workers
  • District team staff
  • Schools
  • Detention centres
  • Secure Juvenile Correctional Institutions

We also advise and support organisations with a system-based approach. From advice about current case histories, to implementing systems. In our work, we cooperate with other organisations and healthcare institutions in order to monitor and guarantee the quality of our interventions.

Our core values

In order to succeed, we value the respect the following core values.

We make connections

We listen to each other and our relations. We show sincere interest on others and truly connect. It’s in our DNA.

We act responsibly

We feel responsible for our actions and are very attentive to our relations. We are open and transparent in what we do. Together we build long-term relationships.

We keep learning

We are experienced and knowledgeable and we know what we do. Quality is a high standard and the evidence-based method MDFT is our main example. We work with professionals who enjoy what they do and are always looking for improvement.

We take action

As a foundation we want to show growth. Growth in the number of juveniles who perform well in and with their environment. Growth in the number of professionals we have been able to train and support.

Our strategic goals

We have formulated a long term strategy plan for 2018-2020. Our strategic goals are:

Strengthening the flexibility of the organisation

It is important that the organisation continues to be flexible. If there are changes in the market, it is important that our products and services are alligned with developments in the market and needs of our target audience.

Developing an innovative range of products that is connected with the needs and wishes of our target audience

There is a need for additional modules and services that are based on the MDFT philosophy. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries. Our market also needs digitalisation and more flexibility. This requires a strong product offering and innovative solutions that are aligned with our core business.

Increasing market penetration of SJI in Europe

We strive to growth in Europe by focusing on international marketing and acquisition.

Implementing fundraising

By implementing fundraising SJI wants to take the opportunity to use available funds in a structural way.

Increasing brandawareness of SJI and her products and services

Creating (international) brandawareness of SJI as a training academy and MDFT license holder is very important. Increasing our brandawaress will enable us to contribute to our ultimate goal.